Hemel Hemel

Other Areas

We are able to offer assistance in other areas of the law such as banking, insurance, insolvency, sports, immigration and landlord and tenant. For family, employment, tax and administrative law matters our clients are referred to firms which we recommend or cooperate with on a regular or established basis.


Our principal is included in the list of the Foreign Office as one of the solicitors in the Italian territory who can certify documents for use in the United Kingdom or another English-speaking country that recognises the status of an English solicitor.

He can issue or witness documents such as:

- certified copies of original documents, including passports
- powers of attorney
- statutory declarations
- affidavits
- affirmations and oaths.

The Italian authorities will not usually accept documents witnessed by an English solicitor. Please note that we are unable to assist if the document also requires an 'Apostille' under the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.