Hemel Hemel

Many clients agree to transfer documents via e-mail. This is a normal means to keep in contact with law firms. Our practice usually communicates via e-mail both with clients and with other persons involved to conduct the matter. Nevertheless, as we cannot ensure all documents transferred via e-mail will always be kept confidential, you can oblige us at any time not to use e-mail.

Please note that under the Law of 31 December 1996 no 675, as changed from 1 January 2004 by Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments, we are duty bound to disclose the procedure we intend to follow in dealing with personal data. According to article 10, paragraphs 1 and 3, of the above mentioned law, we inform you that we keep personal data in relation to our clients and contacts that we use for the following purposes:


  • to comply with the accounting and tax formalities that are prescribed to carry out our retainer;
  • to circulate literature, circulars, greetings cards, and other information relating to our professional services.

All such data are dealt with manually, in a computerised form or by means of telecommunication and we warrant that this is done safely and confidentially and that we shall not disclose to or disseminate among unauthorised third parties these data. The Business’ Register, tax offices and all other bodies and institutions that may legally receive documents or deal with payments are obviously deemed to be authorised third parties.

Our clients and contacts are entitled to exercise the rights specified in article 3, paragraph 1, of the Law no 675 of 1996 and in particular they may object - even without written notice - to our dealing with their data (ie letter ‘a’ of article 12).

Please also note that all our fee earners and other staff are obliged to comply with confidentiality and may be excused from giving evidence in court in respect of relevant facts that have come to their knowledge while discharging their duties.