Hemel Hemel

The even balance between the number of our corporate and private clients reflects the ability of our practice to cope with the pressing timescale of business and to meet the specific demands of individuals. 


Our clients include several law firms that, depending on their needs, instruct us as consultants or local correspondents either directly or on behalf of their own clients.  Whatever the nature of the client and the type of arrangement, we aim to give a friendly tailor-made service.

About 65% of our turnover is generated by UK based clients but we also have several clients from Italy and other countries. Foreign clients are looked after by fee earners who are fluent in English and other languages and who liaise efficiently with people used to a different system of law and a dissimilar approach to problems.

We give our own Italian clients with affairs abroad a service in their own language. Even when legal assistance is directly provided by a firm in the UK or in other countries, we are happy to be involved if our help can raise the level of understanding and clarifies complex issues or contributes to meet the client's needs and expectations.